Kunta was born in a small mining town called Orapa in Botswana, Southern Africa. He was raised and lived most of his life in Mahalapye. He began both his elementary and primary studies in the years 1988/89 respectively. His Grandparents, who raised him, always bought him books and comics to pass time with so the creative and imaginative mind was bred then. It was in 1996 when he went to Mahalapye Junior School when exposure to Hip Hop came through by watching Yo Mtv Raps, Studio Mix & listening to Shakes the Mix Rap Blast Show on RB2 (Local radio station). The ear trapped the sounds of artists like KRS 1,Tupac, Biggie, Queen Latifah, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, The Muthaload (South Africa) and Snoop Dogg. The young man became enamored with the Hip Hop culture. With time he started writing rhymes. It was in Madiba High School where he also started variety show performances, freestyle battling and poetry. Him and Skae were the first Rappers to put their hometown on the map nationwide in 2000 when he freestyled on Strictly Hip Hop Live (radio show) hosted by Draztik and Slim (Cashless Society) on RB2. From then on he began attending different events but mostly as a spectator. He used to play a part in organizing events like variety shows, basketball tournaments and inviting other established artists to perform in his hometown. Much more influence to become an artist came in 2001 in Johannesburg at the Black August Concert where, as a fan, he managed to see performances, time which he was up close to greats in the industry like Black Thought (The Roots), Talib Kweli, Jeru the Damaja, Dead Prez, X-Amount (Cashless Society), Imani Izuri (Malawi), Appleseed (Bongo Maffin), Zubz, Skwatta Kamp, Dj Bionic and Bad Boy T. He used to attend local music festivals like Monate Sukiri and Black Label Tours and was inspired by our own greats like Skizo, Geto Flava, Brown Sugar, P-Side, Tribal Monks (all Botswana) etc. Seeing all these performers do their art with love and inspiring lots of people around the world, the young man wanted to be an artist. With other local acts making it internationally he now feels it’s time to usher his story to the world.
Kunta is a good lyricist, rhyme connoisseur, flow extraordinaire, story teller, commentator, punchline guru and his lyrical prowess paints the listener a moving picture. Clarity is his master communication and he writes songs and delivers them in a high audible fashion. Music is the essence of life, it has the ultimate power to control souls and he takes this advantage to facilitate positivity in the people through songs. It is apparent that this artist enjoys doing music that has substance and authenticity but that does not arrest his liberal freedom of creativity. This can be sampled from songs like “Mmannyee” in which he narrates a story about a teenage girl who got caught in the fast life of men, cars and drugs.
A member and co-founder of Hip Hop outfit MBC (Music for Business & Change) which consisted of him, Skyfly and Manyflows. Currently he is working on his debut solo music project. The content of the album is rich as it contains songs that inspire, educate and also tap on day to day matters and experiences of life in general. It is beautifully written in Setswana and English and features other national languages for diverse people to love and interpret even if they are not Hip Hop enthusiasts. The project has production from Ace J and Jus Beatz both who have done hits for artists like Dramaboi and Zimbabwean producer Veiltorn Euphoria and it features the likes of Apollo D, Rizz, Phoenix and more surprise packages. He has shared the stage with the likes of Mandisa Mabuthoe (Botswana), Dasha Kelly (USA), Naaq Musiq (SA), Culture Spears (Botswana), Rashida Namulondo (Uganda), Black Motion (SA), Afurakan (SA), TJ Dema (Botswana), Shola Adisa Farah(France), Nomkhubulwane(SA), Juliet Kego Ume-Onyindo(Nigeria), Angelina Bong(Malaysia) just to mention a few.
It is clear that this artist is very dedicated and not an amateur. Kunta is destined for greater things in the entertainment industry. He promises to give out good and everlasting music to the world.