Mmakgosi Ophadile Anita Tau is the co-founder of MO Scripts, a group advocating for growth and awareness of literature in Botswana.She is a mother, a vocalist, voice over artist, stylist, poet, author and an entrepreneur. Mmakgosi is an activist for Mental Health Awareness who speaks up and out on issues affecting those struggling with sanity. She is a driven young woman who thrives in any situation and uses art to mirror the revelations she has on the world.
Her aspirations with poetry are to inspire, the old, the young, the black, the white, the misguided the misunderstood. If her poetry can penetrate through differences then she will know that her purpose in life has been fulfilled. Her thoughts, feelings and experiences play a vital role in what is the end product of her poetic language. She sings from the core of her soul and paints a vivid image of words personified and simplified through song.
The powerful wordsmith also uses her poetry to grow believers and non-believers through the power of ‘Spoken word.’ Scripture says that in the beginning was the Word... and Mmakgosi considers it an honor of the highest regard to be a vessel used in serving the kingdom of God through her art. The emotions people get, the thoughts her work inspires all speak on the “Calling of Art,” that is upon her life.
Reading is something she sternly believes in. There is a lot more intellectual power an artist can accumulate through reading and exploring different styles of writing yet still remaining true to themselves. Poetry has reinvented Mmakgosi’s perspective, influences and ambitions. She has taken on stage and screen acting, copy writing and has learnt to push on whether her thoughts are remembered, loved or hated.