Godspower Oboido of Nigeria, is a poet and cultural researcher. His poetic voice, described as both matured and assured, has been compared to that of Christopher Okigbo and Leopold Senghor, . two all-time leading figures of African poetry and influences that mark Oboido’s style of poetryHe has been highlighted by literary observers and practitioners as one of the most promising and distinguished contemporary writers that represent the future of Nigerian literature. The author of a collection of poetry, Songs of a Chicken Bone, Oboido’s works have been published in literary journals, including The Istanbul Review, The Indiana Voice Journal, African Writer, Saraba etc. Godspower Oboido has presented and read his works at festivals and academic institutions internationally. There is this sense in Oboido’s poetry that not only interacts with but also probes the displacement of time and place. The poet is a 2016 runner-up in the Queen’s Young Leader award by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, making him an associate fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society.