Hilde Susan Jaegtnes (Norway)
Hilde Susan Jaegtnes (born in 1973) is a screenwriter, poet, novelist and performance artist based in Oslo, Norway, with an M.F.A. degree in screenwriting from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. A Norwegian citizen, she was born in Pennsylvania, and has since lived in Norway, Iceland, England, Key West, Switzerland, Honduras and California.
Several of her screenplays have been professionally produced and distributed, both short films and feature-length drama films, and her published literary works include the poetry collection "Det er noen som lyver" ("Someone must be lying", published by Solum Bokvennen in Norway, 2012), the flash fiction collection "Minner nytes best alene i storm" ("Memories should be savored alone during storms", published by Solum Bokvennen in Norway, 2014) and the novel "Styggskrift" ("Ugly Writing", published by H//O//F in Norway, 2016), as well as numerous poems, flash fiction pieces, short stories, essays and film reviews in Norwegian and international newspapers and literary publications.
Hilde Susan Jaegtnes' poetic universe has been described as "a roller-coaster designed by Salvador Dali" with its surrealist, sexual, playful, disturbing and dreamlike features. Themes frequently explored in her work include gender roles, power imbalance and abuse, existentialist despair, destructive romantic traps, and the transformative powers of the subconscious, imagination and language. An anonymous blogger reported that reading her poetry felt "like going to bed with a wild sea otter". Through her writing, which she sees as a continuation of modernism in the tradition of James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Knut Hamsun, Jaegtnes is intent to prove that fantasies are key to understanding the course of history, and that psychological realism remains an incomplete tool to unlocking the human spirit