Ambily Omanakuttan (India)
She is a writer, poet and activist. She is writing continually articles in newspapers and magazines. Her poem published in so many Magazines, weekly and news media. She was a bank employee but she resigned that for her social activities. She is working in more national organization for human rights, environment and nature. It was quite accidentally that she entered the field of social activism from poetry. Initially, her activities were centred on tribals. While working for their welfare, she also involved herself in struggles against their exploitation and for their rights. She, who is raising her voice constantly through essays and poems against the injustices meted out to them by the society and the political system, is more interested in being known as a humanist rather than as a poet. She has lived among the tribals and understood their lives and culture from close quarters and hence has the welfare of all indigenous people of the world as her primary concern. She also uses her word power against the attacks on women and children. Though she has written many poems, she had never thought of collecting them into a book being too busy with her activism. But, very soon, a collection is coming out in her mother tongue and translations into English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil are getting readied. She is saying Poetry is her soul but more than it like a weapon for her activities.