Christos R.Tsiailis (Cyprus)
Author C. R. Tsiailis resides in Cyprus. His passion for writing consumes most of his time, when he is not out training as a triathlete. He travels a lot, recording memories from everywhere, which he incarnates (along with his observations on human behaviour), in all genres (poetry, short story, novel, theatre). His writing tends towards a blend of social, psychological and philosophical quest. He publishes internationally in literary magazines and anthologies, both in Greek and in English. He has received numerous distinctions in Panhellenic literary contests for poems, short stories and theatre plays. He is the author of “Throwing Dice On A Chessboard”, 2010, “The Green Divorce”, 2012, the sci-fi novel ‘Klotho Surfaces’, April 2016 and the short story collection “ΨΩΜΙ (=bread)” 2017. He also writes articles, interviews of artists and book reviews for Literary Magazines in Greece. He is occasionally a member of Panhellenic literary contests’ committees.