Elena Jordanou (Cyprus)
Elena Jordanou was born in Paphos, a coastal town in Cyprus. She studied music at the National Conservatory of Athens and is a graduate of classical guitar and musicology in theory, counter-harmony and fugue. Besides electric and classical guitar tutoring for twenty years, she has worked as a pianist and music entertainer in hotels and nightclubs. She has participated in the creation of the personal disc of the Cypriot poet and musician Andreas Artemis, playing guitar and presented his work in Nicosia. She played for the philharmonic orchestra of Pafos and participated in the celebrations of the accession of Cyprus to Europe by playing guitar under the auspices of the Municipality of Paphos. She took part in the master class of the renowned guitarists Leo Brouwer, Costas Cotsiol, AnielloDesiderio and Sabrina Vlaskalic. Currently, she is preparing a classic guitar duet recital, which she will present all over Cyprus.