Kistrech Poetry Festival in Kenya 2014 took place on Wednesday 30th July to Monday 4th August 2014. The venue was at Dados Hotel, Kisii County.

We had the following guest poets: Althea Romeo-Mark (Switzerland), Laus Strandby Nielsen (Denmark), Erling Kittelsen (Norway), Jenny Maria Tunedal (Sweden), Obediah Michael Smith (The Bahamas), Tendai Maduwa (Zimbabwe), Godspower Oboido (Nigeria), Prof. Animasaun Kayode (Nigeria),  Amos Nyongesa Tabalia (Kenya), Mariam Mpaata Melloney (Uganda),  Dr. Evans Gesure Mecha (Kenya), Sarah Achieng Ooro (Kenya), Aggrey Omboki Monayo (Kenya),  Josephat Ndege Mauti (Kenya), Agnes Nyamoita Nyambane (Kenya), Constany Mose Oteki (Kenya) and Obino Nyambane (Kenya).  Students poets from Kisii University and upcoming poets from around the country joined the festival.

The poets read their poetry, as well as presented papers on the theme “Poetry & Song”.

Wednesday 30th July was arrival day. The poets were transported from the airport to Kisii.  On the first day, Thursday 31st July, the poets read their poems and presented papers in the morning hours. In the afternoon we visited Kisii University where all the participating poets read a poem each before a huge gathering. 

On the second day, Friday, 1st August 2014, the poets read their poetry and presented papers in the morning hours. In the afternoon we all visited the village of Bogiakumu where the poets shared in the indigenous foods and local brews. The local people presented their oral poetry and cultural practices before the poets, being led by the famous oral poet, Mr. Obino Nyambane.

On the third day, Saturday, 2nd August 2014, the poets visited Lake Victoria where some took a boat to the island of Migingo that lies off the Ugandan coast. They later converged for poetry reading and lunch of fish and ugali by the lakeside hotels.

On the fourth day, Sunday, 3rd August 2014, the poets left for Nairobi where they visited museums and other interesting sites. They departed on Monday 4th August 2014.

An important thing about this year’s festival includes the publication of the festival’s almanac that contains the poets’ Bios, photos and poetry.

Our sponsors were: Kisii University, who offered transport during the festival; Goethe Institut-Nairobi, who paid the cost of banners and posters for the festival; Nsemia Publishers, who gave us Ksh. 5, 000 for administrative use; Mozamad Investment Bookshop, who donated Ksh. 5, 000 for airtime; Upfront Booksellers, who chipped in with Ksh. 1, 500 for stationeries. A huge portion of the festival’s cost was paid by us, Kistrech Poetry festival. We are seeking for more sponsors.

KPF 2014 Photos


Back - Prof. Kayode (Nigeria), Althea (Switzerland), Strandby (Denmark), Jenny (Sweden) and Erling (Norway). Front - Obediah (Bahamas), Tabalia (Kenya), and Okemwa (Kenya)


KPF 2014-A section of the poets during a visit to the village.


KPF2014-A visit to the village.


KPF 2014-Mariam Mpaata (Uganda)


KPF 2014-The Late Prof. Animasaun Kayode (Nigeria)


KPF 2014-Obediah Michael Smith (Bahamas)