This scholarship has been started by participating guest poets at past Kistrech International Poetry Festivals. The poets who have attended the event since 2013 thought it fit to start a small fund to assist students in Kenya who struggle to pay their fees, and hence take longer to complete their education, while some drop out entirely from their studies.

The small fund is meant to assist students in Secondary schools and universities in Kenya who come from poor family backgrounds. The scholarship targets bright students who have one or no parent. It also targets students who possess special talents, such as poetry, spoken-word art, music, painting, and drama, but struggle to pay their school fees. Some female students who drop out of school because of pregnancy, but decides to come back to continue with their studies are also considered for the scholarship. The scholarship caters for the following needs of students; rent payment, food, full or partial payment of school fees, etc.

The sponsorship of students can go further to include mentorship of those students.

Anyone who wants to continue assisting one same student and nurture such a student till completion of their studies is a welcome initiative. Some sponsors might want to come and visit the student they are nurturing and see their progress, homes and meet with their families and community people.

If you are interested in this scholarship and want to sponsor a student and/or mentor them, please write to us: