Manfred Chobot, born 1947 in Vienna, lives as a freelance writer. Member of the Austrian writers league “IG Autorinnen Autoren“ (member of the board), member of the Austrian authors association “Grazer Autorenversammlung” (member of the board), member of “Podium”, member of the international authors association ”Kogge“. Co-founder of the First Vienna Theatre of reading performances. Editor of the series of books “Lyrik aus Österreich” (Poetry from Austria), Editor Staff of the literary magazine “Podium”. Exhibitions of “BildGedichte” (Picture Poems, photos). Approximately 50 radio plays for various broadcasting stations. Books: twelve books of Poetry in German; thirty books of Prose; two novels, two volumes of photo books, and two books for children. Books of Poetry in English, French, Spanish, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Georgian, and Bangla. Books of Prose in Ukrainian, and Polish. Participant among others: XII. International Poetry Festival of Medellin/Columbia 2002; XIII. Festival Internacional de Poesía, Rosario/Argentina 2005; III. Festival Internacional de Poesía, Granada/Nicaragua 2007; Festival of Literature, Lviv/Ukraine 2007; Festival of Poetry and Wine, Valtice/Czech Republic 2009; 10. Internationales Poesiefestival Al-Mutanabbi, Zurich/Switzerland 2010; 1. Festival International de Poesia, Lima/Peru 2012; 9è Printemps des Poètes Luxembourg, 2016; 14th International Poetry Festival Ars Poetica, Bratislava/Slovakia 2016; Dhaka International Poets Summit 2017, Bangladesh; 5th Tbilisi International Festival of Literature (TIFL), Tbilisi/Georgia 2019.