Kistrech Scholarship for Students 

The idea to start a small scholarship for needy, bright, or/and talented students was born by Karla Brundage (USA) of West Oakland to West Africa Poetry Exchange Programme, together with Kevin Dublin (USA) of The Living Room SF and other guest-poets who participated at the Kistrech Poetry Festival in the past. The poets who have attended the event since 2013 thought it fit to start a small fund to assist poor students whom they meet or interact with during their visit to homes and institutions in rural Kenya. These students struggle to pay their fees and hence take longer to complete their education, while some drop out entirely from their studies.

The small fund is meant to assist needy students at Kisii University and in Secondary schools in rural areas of Kenya, especially those from Kisii County who come from poor families. The scholarship targets poor students, but who are bright or possess special talents, but struggle to pay their school fees. If you are interested in this scholarship and wants to give education to a rural needy student and possibly mentor them, please write to us:

Shabdaguchha/Kistrech Small Scholarship

In 2023 the poet Hassanal Abdullah (USA) started another small scholarship called Shabdaguchha/Kistrech Scholarship for needy students in Kenya. He is currently sponsoring two students and will increase the number as time goes by.