Peggy Morrison is a California poet who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has read poetry in English and Spanish in the US, Mexico and Cuba, and published in journals and anthologies including Plants and Poetry, Colossus: Home, Narrative Paths Journal, Cloud Woman Quarterly, riverbabble, Poecology, Let the World Wonder, Naked Bulb Anthology and Day Without Art. Peggy is a mom and bilingual teacher who loves reading, gardening, music, and backpacking. She has published one book of poetry: Mom Says, 2020.

Mom Says captures the presence of a loved one in memory through voice. The assembled poems and stories bring the reader to perceive how language and culture are interwoven. Everyday ways of saying and naming our world embody personal heritage and history and, simultaneously, evoke a piece of the collective culture and history of a time and place. Mom's voice is at once her living legacy and testament that language is constantly alive and evolving. "When I find myself speaking with my mom's voice, it is because she and her way of being flow through my veins and breathe in my breath. Our history lives within us."