Salim Abdali is a Danish and Arabic poet and translator, writes in Danish, Arabic and English.

Author of 7 poetry books, published in Denmark and Egypt (2012- 2023), among his poetry titles are Places are Graveyards for Time, The Maker of Alphabet, and latest, That She is.

Co-authored one theatre play and a short film, performed at the Royal Danish Theatre (2015) and in the Danish TV (2016), respectively. Translated a number of Arabic and Danish poets (since 1988), and was the first to translate the most influential Arabic philosopher and poet Adonis into Danish (2010 & 2017). Moreover, translated 3 novels and 20 children books (2008-2019). Author of several essays in the daily newspapers both in Denmark and in the Arabic World, and contributed to 8 anthologies (1996-2023).

Abdali is also a scientist, published more than 45 articles in international peer-review journals (1993-2015), working as academic scholar at several universities, e.g. Denmark, USA, The Nederland, Germany, China, and others. A traveller and nomad, Salim Abdali has lived in a number of countries, such as France, USA, Germany, China, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Greece, though his home has always been Copenhagen.